Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City

By on May 31, 2013
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May 18-19, 2013

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My first visit to Silver Dollar City came in 2005, and it immediately became one of my favorite amusement parks. Much like its sister park Dollywood, Silver Dollar City’s wooded mountain location separates it from other parks. Unfortunately, being in Branson, Missouri means it’s not exactly convenient to get to. This year, however, it was once again worth the trip.

Thanks to a cheap flight on Southwest, I headed to the midwest to meet some friends for the Coaster Crew Outruns the Law event.

If the name of the event didn’t make it obvious enough, the focus was the park’s new for 2013 coaster, Outlaw Run. Morning ERT was scheduled, setting up plenty of rides on one of the most anticipated new rides for this year.

There were definitely plenty of rides. Outlaw Run is the first wooden coaster from Idaho’s Rocky Mountain Construction, which exploded onto the scene with their re-imagining of Six Flags Over Texas’s Texas Giant and this year Six Flags Fiesta Texas’s Rattler in hybrid wooden and steel fashion.

Outlaw Run has been receiving loads of hype for several reasons. For starters, at the top of that hill is the steepest wooden coaster drop ever at 81 degrees. It is also the second fastest wooden coaster in the world, at 68 miles per hour.

The real attention, however, is on this.

And then this. Yes, Outlaw Run charts new territory for wooden coasters. Son of Beast at Kings Island became the first modern wooden coaster to go upside down, but its single loop was actually made out of steel and since that coaster recently met the wrecking ball, Outlaw Run for a brief time (before Hades 360 opened) became the only wooden coaster to feature an inversion. Three inversions, to be exact. To be honest, though, I don’t have much interest in inversions. This ride is a lot more than that, though.

After the fantastic first drop that utilizes the park’s natural terrain to drop 162 feet after just a 107 foot lift, the train speeds through the signature element, the 153 degree outside banked turn. It is one of the strangest elements I have seen on a coaster, with the train twisting in an unnatural direction as if about to do a barrel roll, but instead coming out of the bank in the same direction before cutting back the opposite way into a steep diving turn. It is spectacular.

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